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We Are Accepting Guest Posts

We welcome writers to contribute a high-quality article to Lawn Edgers Best.

You can submit an article for consideration and that must not publish anywhere else. Your article should be based on our blog and our team will review your article for publication.

Before submitting your article please has a look at our guest posting guidelines. Your submission should meet our requirements to get published.

Guest writer guidelines

1. Submit an Original Content

Your article must be new and original. It must not have been published anywhere even not in your blog. Once your article is published you must not use it elsewhere in future.

2. Be Bold and Raise Your Voice

We have a number of follower and regular readers for our genuine posts about various topics for our blog. You can add more value to those by providing the best in you. Be bold and have a unique way of writing. Try to write an article about your personal experience and as interacting with readers. So, then they will make sure that the article is written by a person with a heart, not a machine.

3. Pick Suitable Title

Choose the best and apt title for your article. Try to impress the people with your title itself. Because there are millions of tons of articles available online. They will choose within seconds to read an article. Think in readers point view and pick the suitable and interesting title for your story.

4. Add Attractive Images

More than words pictures can speak better. So, try to add three or four high-quality images in your article.

5. Add Relevant Links

Adding external links in the article is a big task. We don’t offer more than two backlinks. You can decide to where to place those links. Any affiliate and promotional links will be removed.

6. Author’s Bio

Add a detailed author’s bio with the link back to your blog. Make it straightforward and simple within five lines.

Hope you have cleared with guest post guidelines. See you soon!